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Irina Ivanova


HTML  JavaScript  Bash  SQL  TeX


CSS  Python  Java

Tartu, Estonia

Bachelor of Science in Engineering, University of Tartu

Quality Assurance Specialist at Nortal

Volunteering IT Manager at Hospital Children's Foundation

testing qa software quality developing
programming web automation security

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I am not a professional software developer, but I do small open source projects from time to time. Mostly they are browser extensions and scripts.


StringG JavaScript

Extension generates the string of specified length or calculates the length of specified string


SpanD JavaScript

Extension calculates how many days and hours are between two datetimes

JIRA Issue Opener

JIRA Issue Opener JavaScript

Extension opens JIRA issue in new tab, according to key code inserted by user

Chrome Firefox
Fisheye Graph Opener

Fisheye Graph Opener JavaScript

Extension opens Fisheye Commit Graph view of specified repository in new tab


URL&p JavaScript

Extension opens URL in new tab, with one parameter inserted by user

Chrome Firefox
Textarea Checker

Textarea Checker JavaScript

Extension generates data for checking textarea field for different injections

~$ scripts

Scripts Bash Python

Collection of helper scripts on Python and Bash to automate some daily jobs

Portfolio Page

Portfolio Page HTML5 CSS3 AngularJS

The repo of this Profile Page with project management staff like issues, milestones, code




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Agnes Karlson

Former CEO in Tartu University Hospital Children's Foundation (2012-2014)

Irina Ivanova was a volunteer in Tartu University Hospital Children's Foundation from 2013 to 2014.

Irina helped with all day-to-day IT related issues in the organization, but her greatest project was to create platform and prototype for the new homepage according to the visuals provided by creative agency.

I am very thankful to Irina for all her time, that she was ready to contribute in the idea to evolve IT area of one of the largest children's oriented foundation in Estonia!

If all people would do voluntary work with such commitment as Irina did, then charitable organizations would evolve as common successful organizations!

January 2017

K├╝llike Saar

CEO in Tartu University Hospital Children's Foundation

Irina was very responsible and agile volunteer. Under her guidance a lot of IT related issues have been solved. Additionally she had high motivation and was very creative and flexible in her actions. Irina is definitely valuable employee.

February 2017